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TEDGLOBAL2014 - South - Live Simulcast from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
8:30 am - 5:30 pm 

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Old-time traveling games for kids of all ages



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Michael E. Dmytriw's new semi-biographical novel that followed his successful NISFIT I

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Communication Leadership Exchange to hold 51st Annual Conference on Strategic Communications
Wednesday, April 22 - Friday, April 24, 2015

Warwick Hotel - Denver, CO
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Association anthropology,

I had the privilege of doing advance for Nelson Mandela's trip to Los Angeles City Hall during his first USA Tour


Think You Have a Dysfunctional Board of Directors? Need Some Help in Planning for the Future?

The Droz Group,(TDG) is a full service multi-association management company that has over 35 years of experience assisting nonprofit organizations.

The firm is now focusing on providing strategic planning services, as well as assisting organizations with issues of crisis management and communication.  The firm assists managers and leadership in identifying, planning and implementing effective strategies.

These services are the result of its' experience and wisdom over those 35 years;
¥ Vision and Strategic Planning
¥ Crisis Communication and Management
¥ Organization Development & Management
¥ Communications
¥ Comprehensive Conference and Meeting Management Services

Established in 1979, the firm, TDG provided services for clients who require state-of-the-art professional management. These clients include nonprofit organizations, trade associations, corporations, public agencies, public employee associations and private foundations.

So, your organization is contemplating a strategic planning session (SPS).
Some Questions and Answers.

The motivation may be related to:
> Dysfunction.  The leadership is in conflict. Paranoids and narcissists have arrived.
> Membership and finances are challenged 
> Strategic planning has worked well and it is time for another

Why do an SPS?
Nonprofits have limited resources to expend in a limited amount of time. Without a clear set of goals and objectives, resources are squandered. 

Will an SPS resolve conflict among the leadership?
In order to succeed, leadership must build "community".  This is a process whereby all elements of the leadership feel safe in participating in the process. Unless there is "community", there will not be a free-exchange of ideas, let alone success.  

How far ahead should plan based upon an SPS?
It is been our experience that planning should be focused upon the next year and possibly 18 months.  There are considerable technology and demographic changes taking place.

What is the ultimate goal of an SPS?
The result should be to develop and implement a process which will enable you to make the strategic decisions necessary to produce a plan which is owned and supported by the leadership, the membership and the staff, and above all, capable of being implemented.

How much should an SPS cost?
There is big data, big oil, big banks and also big strategic planning.  There are many strategic planning "experts" charging $5,000 - $10,000 per day.  They come in for a weekend and they depart.  It is a good business.
These expensive sessions consist of lots of breakouts among the participants.  Then there is lots of sharing-out.  With luck, an implementable plan will be developed.

How much does TDG charge?
Substantially lower than Big SPS. A good SPS will require the facilitator to do research and talk to several members of the leadership. Travel expenses are at cost.
Our process is down and dirty.  It is designed to produce a plan that includes; goals and objectives, deadlines, costs and responsibilities. 

Contact me at   fred.droz@thedrozgroup.com



Some interesting TED Talks from the recent TEDGLOBAL2013 Conference

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking


Practical Solutions - Realistic Process
No Persiflage 

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